Structured Literatures on MBRs

Review on MBRs

Filtration characterizations (Filterability)

Filtration modes

MBR fouling (Study on fouling)

Fouling Suppression Techniques

Membranes in MBRs (Membrane development)

Performance of commercial MBRs (Common operational parameters)

Activated sludge characterization in MBRs

Novel MBR systems

Dynamic filtration

  • A hydrodynamic comparison between rotating disk and vibratory dynamic filtration systems
  • A vibrating membrane bioreactor (VMBR) Macromolecular transmission influence of extracellular polymeric substances
  • Flux and transmission characteristics of a vibrating microfiltration system operated at high biomass loading
  • Concentration of mineral suspensions and industrial effluents using a rotating disk dynamic filtration module

Master/PhD Thesises

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